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5 hours agoBest Warzone Kar98k class setup, perks and equipment. Here's our choices for the best items - such as equipment and Perks - to make the best Kar98k class setup in Warzone: As part of the September 15 Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 Reloaded update, many of the game’s best weapons underwent substantial changes. For the most part, these weapons received noticeable nerfs that will likely impact your loadouts. Also Read: fun mobile games to play with friends COD Warzone JackFrags AMAX Gunsmith Loadout Here are the attachments and perks to run to make the best Warzone Kar98k loadout class during Warzone Season 6. As far as ADS it’s on the slower side (~390ms), it’s best if you preaim, strafe and b-hop in your fights and around corners, and don’t be the first one to push building, then this mobile amax will be lots of fun (: